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. draw down, missouri governor orders the national forward out of ferguson. plus. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family. >> a second american with ebola released today, and is relieved to be disease free, can the treatment he received help thousands of others? and. ♪ . >> song freedom, tonight's concert, 236 days ago. we begin tonight in american aid worker where the obama administration said today that the islamic state group, now pose as greater threat to the united states than al quaida did 9/11. the traumatic rhetoric are came during a briefing. chairman of the joint chief of staff, they said islamic state is now better funded and better organized than anything they have ever seen and that defeating the would require attacking state forces in syria. joins us now from washington, mike? >> david, more air strikes against islamic state group inside iorack, if not syria, will definitely not syria, at least that's not what they are saying at this point, politicking it to 90 now. these two are around the team
visible way. missouri's governor given the order to start what he calls a systematic draw down of forces. that's a major development. we also learned from an inside source that officer darron wilson's injuries were not as severe as some reported. activists today delivered a petition with 70,000 signatures renewing the call for the prosecutor to take himself off the case, something he again today refused to do. we begin with the two people for whom this is not primarily a question of legal ethics or due process or whether the national guard goes or stays. we begin with michael brown senior. earlier today i spoke with both of them along with their attorney bing minuenjamin crump. this is every parent's worst nightmare. mike, how do you get through each day? >> i don't. i just glide through, i can see him physically moving around again in my life. >> you still see him at times? >> yeah, yeah but physically i won't see that, you know, that's a heart breaker for me. painful. you know, i just -- i can't really explain how i really feel about this, you know. >> leslie, does it seem real? >> nop
. the niece of doctor king is here on the nightmare in ferguson, missouri it can bring out the worst in people. but the m-class scans for danger, corrects for lane drifting, and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself. it is a luxury suv engineered to get you there and back safely. for tomorrow is another fight. the 2015 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> in my conversations with dozens of people yesterday, it was clear that the shooting incident has brought to the service underlying tensions that have existed for many years. there is a history to these tensions and that history centers in ferguson. david: should we expect more cities were rocked like ferguson? we have the niece of doctor martin luther king jr., we welcome all via king. >> thank you for having me. david: let me bring you back to the history. in 1963 in birmingham, alabama, i imagine the desire and the anger for payback against those people who did it was strong and intense. your father nevertheless talked down the hatred of getting back. how did he do
it was very strong. >> there's a problem in ferguson, missouri. certainly lifted issues up in talking about those problems, is the first step towards some solution, towards solving them. so you may disagree with al sharpton, but i think even bill o'reilly would agree that al sharpton has a right to say what's on his mind, as controversial as it might b certainly it's never stopped bill. and we appreciate his comments as well. >> he has a right to say what he wants, even if it's nonsense. let me ask horace, horace, do you get the impression that when al sharpton comes to an area where there's crisis, that he might actually hurt it instead of help it. he's got quite a past, with freddie's fashion mart, when he shows up, there's nothing but trouble. >> that's his game plan and in fact even if there wasn't a crisis going on, he brings a can of fuel and pours it all around and then the match and lights it up and watches everyone else. if you're wanting to talk about what america is going to do, so that america addresses how blacks, whites and browns all get along, al sharpton isn't the man to do
detalles de la muerte de dos jÓvenes en missouri. tenemos mÁs de las evidencias que muestran la policÍa para justificar estos actos. >> lo Último son los vÍdeos que se dieron a conocer que corresponden a la muerte de el segundo joven en saint luis. ( disparos ) >> fueron dos de los tiros que acabaron con la vida del joven. esta es la secuencia de eventos, la cÁmara de vigilancia graba a un hombre afroamericano en una tienda, aparentemente consumen los productos y se va sin pagar. la policÍa lo persigue, en estas imÁgenes se puede observar al joven de 25 aÑos comportÁndose de manera incoherente y con una mano dentro del bolsillo. el dueÑo de la tienda observa mientras espera. algunos vecinos comenta que se va a meter en problemas cuando venga la policÍa, momentos despuÉs, llegÓ una patrulla. los agentes le gritan que saque las manos de los bolsillos y que arroje el cuchillo, en vez de hacerlo, el joven grita dispararme y cuando daba unos pasos hacia los policÍas, estos abren fuego. otro policÍa parecía estar a punto de matar a los manifestantes. " los voy a matar", gritaba.
out of ferguson, missouri. >> pam: the latest on the shooting of an unarmed black teen by police. >> pam: and next. robin williams cremated. where in the bay area his ashes have been scattered. plus -- a look at the official death certificate. hey can you fix this? you bet! that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d--printed girlfriend will love that. real mature. there you go. a laser drone for cats. i wish i had lasers. i don't. pew pew pew... the new radioshack is finally here. the store of your past is now the store of your future. come see one of our remodeled stores and save 50 percent off skullcandy headphones. or get a 20-dollar gift card with air raid speaker purchase. it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. com
, missouri, protests have been quieter over the past 24 hours and the governor ordered the withdrawal of national guard troops. [ chanting ] >> a group of protesters demanding justice for michael brown delivered thousands of signatures. they want the prosecutor looking into the shooting of the unarmed teenager to step down because several numbers of his family work for law enforcement. the naacp is also calling for a special prosecutor to investigate. the funeral for michael brown is scheduled for monday. there are also protests here in the bay area in san francisco and oakland tonight all part of what is called a national day of rage. ktvu's paul chambers is downtown with more. >> as you said there was a protest scheduled but there is no one here on the plaza. some people are getting tired of the protests, they say here we go again. but the people taking action in these protests that are peaceful protests say they are needed and they will keep doing it to keep it as a reminder. >> reporter: it has been two weeks since michael brown was shot and killed by a st. louis police officer. s
for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from ferguson, missouri. we are live here tonight as the sun begins to set. and a very different scene on west florissant avenue, a site of so much unrest over the past 12 days. the street is open to vehicular traffic for the first time in days. businesses are open for business including the original red's barbecue which is serving up barbecue and playing r&b music right down there. a smattering of protesters walking up and down, but all in all an absolutely transformed different scene than the images we've seen coming out of ferguson for just about two weeks now. today, governor jay nixon announced he's ordering the national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. they had been called in on monday to help secure the law enforcement command center down the road from where i'm standing. as the military heads out of town, missouri senator claire mccaskill announced today she'll hold a senate hearing on the militarization of the police next month. a response to those shocking images of officers in armored vehicle
joining us from washington, d.c. >>> well just a couple of decades ago, ferguson, missouri was a thrivering middle class suburb, we'll looked at what changed before the racial crisis that grips the city now. that and more as "real money" continues. keep it here. ♪ when you compare the top speed of dsl from the phone company with the top speed of comcast business internet... well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. stuart! stuart! stuart! stuart! ♪ check it out. this my account thing. we can tweet directly toa comcast expert for help. or we can select a time for them to call us back. the future, right? ♪ this doesn't do it for you? [ doorbell rings, dog barks ] oh, that's what blows your mind -- the advanced technology of a doorbell.. [ male announcer ] tweet an expert and schedule a callback from any device. introducing the xfinity my account app. >> order seems to have been restored to the streets of ferguso
planned. >>> breaking news. we have new video tonight that is fueling mistrust of police in missouri. this is video of another black man shot and killed by police just miles from where mike brown was killed. police say this man was waving a knife. >> he's got his gun out. oh [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. >> drop it, bro. snt gunshots ] >> that shooting happened this week. the release of the video comes as the st. louis police officer has been suspended for what you see here, pointing his gun at protesters in ferguson and saying, quote, i'll fing kill you. since mike brown was shot and killed by police 12 days ago. today the governor of massachusetts, deval patrick, the first black governor of that state, weighed in on that. >> i'm sick of it. i'm sick of -- i'm sick of unarmed black men being shot by police. i'm sick of the lawlessness on the streets. i think everybody's just tired. when are we going to get through with this kind of -- this kind of thing? >> these pictures are of police at ferguson protests. this looks like a war zone in a place far away, but i
in moments, turning to clashes in ferguson, missouri. governor jay nixon today orders missouri national guard to begin withdrawing from the city, as tensions on the streets seem to have easeed for the first time since michael brown's shooting. questions remain over whether governor nixon will act on calls to remove the st. lewis county prosecutor as well, oversees the brown case, and whether attorney general eric holder himself has prejudged the case. fox news correspondent mike tobin, live in ferguson, missouri tonight with the repo report. >> reporter: demonstrators are largely unaware of or unimpressed by the visit of u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> he gets a d -minus. >> holder promised a fast, and thorough investigation into the date of mike brown, assuring the black community that things will get better. >> out this tragedy comes a great opportunity for reforming that community. >> reporter: in ferguson holder told students, when he was a young wel lawyer he was stoppeda new jersey turnpike by police, and forced out of hid car, he promises his investigation of the police will be f
. >>> up next, we'll take you to ferguson, missouri, as the sun sets. the town is braszing for more protests. >> and the police officer who fatally shog michael brown. was the police officer hurt? more next. we're the names you know, in the places you want to be. where you can explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. twelve brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. for a chance to win one million dollars, visit a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. al
. >>> missouri governor jay nixon is ordering the national guard to begin withdrawaling from ferg southern. nightly flare ups have begun to cool down. last night, police arrested only a handful of people. the demonstrations began after the august 9th shooting of michael brown by a white police officer. brown's parents spoke after meeting with eric holder. he launched a federal investigation into their son's death. >> the words came directly from his mouth, face-to-face, he made me feel like one day i will, and i'm not saying today or yesterday, but one day, they will get my trust. >> also today, a group delivered 70,000 signatures calling for the prosecutor in this case to be removed because of his family ties with st. louis police. the prosecutor says he has no conflict of interest and will not remove himself. >>> another bank was brought to justice for loan practices years ago that contributed to the financial collapse and forced americans into foreclosure. >> is this the justice that is helping those that were harmed? nick smith is live from richmond. nick? >> larry, ama, good afternoon
, missouri, the governor orders the national guard to leave town. while there is calm on the streets now, tensions continue over the investigation into michael brown's death. it will continue obviously. plus, the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell on the stand offering what he calls an anger-ravaged marriage. sounds like divorce court. to enjoy that, stick around. it's embarrassing but something to watch. and a defiant rick perry in washington, d.c. today fighting back against his indictment. this weekend he's off to new hampshire, by the way. could his legal troubles back home in texas which are partisan when it comes to investigation is helping him politically. finally, a reminder tonight that we have a tough election coming up this fall. you've got to get registered, get planning and vote. nobody watch the show unless you are going to vote. you saw what happened in ferguson when you don't vote. this is "hardball" , the place for politics. >>> senator claire mchaskill of missouri announced she'll lead a senate hearing into what's called the militarization of loc
gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. >>> the situation in ferguson, missouri, got a big assist from mother nature last night. it rained. and a line of thunderstorms and downpours served to keep a lot of people off the streets. the tensions are showing some slow signs of easing, enough so that the governor of the state has ordered the national guard to leave town. and tonight we're learning more about the officer involved in the shooting that started it all. nbc's ron allen remains in ferguson for us again tonight. >> reporter: missouri's national guard is pulling out. brought in by the governor earlier this week to protect the police command post after violent protests and confrontations. they're withdrawing after two straight nights of calm. few arrests, small crowds. many here reassured justice will prevail after attorney general eric holder's visit. he promised a thorough investigation into whether officer darren wilson violated michael brown's civil rights when the teenager was shot and killed. >> i've seen a lot in my time as attorney general, but few things have affected me as greatly as my
. lo que ocurre en missouri no es la exceprciÓn. >> la patrulla de caminos de california en fresno estÁ en el banquillo de los acusados. uniforme de derechos humanos asegura qu los oficiales detauvieron a conductores y laes incautaron sus autos basados en perfil social. el reporte seÑala que las victimas de la prÁctica son mayormente hispanos. >> para quienes levantan cosechas en el valle central de california manejar es una necesidad y una aventura. si los para las patrullas les quitan el auto. >> no tengo licencia. lo paran a uno y se lo quitan. >> le quitaron dos autos y nunca pudo pagar los 1200 dÓlares para sacarlos. a otros les pasÓ lo mismo. >> el motivo te paran y preguntan por la licencia. >> la uniÓn norteamericana para las libertades civiles estÁ convencido que la patrulla los detuvo especÍficamente por ser hispanos. >> pues estaban parando sin razÓn. solamente porque se miraban latinos. >> un reporte encontrÓ que la pequeÑa poblaciÓn los latinos recibieron casi el 90 % de las multas por manejar sin licencia. casi el 70 de las multas las hicieron sÓlo dos oficiale
. >>> back here at home, to ferguson, missouri, and the sign of chaos after michael brown's death may be subsiding. the governor requested for a systemic withdrawal of the national guard. the mood was calmer and the crowds were smaller. >>> tonight, there's new questions about crisis and punishment in the financial risk that brought a lot of the america's families and america to the brink. a record penalty, $16.65 billion. what does the bank admit they did? abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has been talking to his sources all day. >> reporter: today, bank of america admitted to massive fraud. fraud that cost thousands of americans their homes. >> bank of america, merrill lynch, and countryside, each engaged in pervasive schemes to defraud financial institutions and other investors. >> reporter: the junk loans were packaged as good investments. when they failed, it led to a tsunami of bankrupters and foreclosures. igniting the great recession. >> it's like going to your neighborhood grocery store, to buy milk that's advertised as fresh, only to discover that store empl
have now released. doctors say they pose no risk are to public health. in ferguson missouri it's now been 48 hours with no fires no shooting and no tier gas, city and federal leaders believe the calm will continue, we will explain why. continue attacking islamic state fighters. the pentagon saying it conducted six air strikes to help kurdish forces in the north, those forces are trying to bolster their control of the dam, the largest in the country. u.s. and eyewitness news orackky officials have long feared for they blow up the dam, the resulting flood waters to the south would kill hundreds of thousands of people, including baghdad. publish add video showing the beheading of journalist foley. today obama administration officials declared that the threat goes far beyond iraq and syria. all the developments on this story from washington, and this afternoon, deft secretary seems to make big news when he compared the capabilities to the history of al quaida. >> well, certainly, david, in the events over the last 48 hours the drewsome murder on video, there has been a uptick in the rhet
as it continues to spend on acquisitions. protests in ferguson, missouri, there is been a new focus on whether police forces should invest in better technology that includes wearing cameras that stream directly to a smart phone. we will get a first-hand look at some of those cameras today. shares of ebay soared today after a report the company is considering spinning off its paypal unit. first, to our lead story. salesforce is no stranger to spending, buying companies like exact target, striking a partnership with microsoft, and spending on new office space like the salesforce in san francisco. in the second quarter, the software company reported sales of one point $3 billion, up 38%. some of those moving's -- moves are adding to the top line. salesforce is also planning a major product announcement at its dream force conference in october. shares up slightly. joining me is our editor at large, cory johnson. what do you make of the results? a huge jump in revenue, but a loss. billion company that grew 38% and generated north of $2 million in free cash flow. they do spend a ton of money. >> cor
. wendall, thanks for that. >>> claims of bias on both sides in ferguson, missouri. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 25 in boston with a guilty plea from a college friend of boston marathon bombing suspect sarnia. he removed a laptop computer, and empty fireworks canisters from his dorm room after the bombing. and the return of a military search and rescue unit, called the blue hawks, part of their mission was to search for that missing malaysian airplane that disappeared last march. >>> this is a live look at new york from fox 5 there. one of the big stories tonight, a fire hydrant that makes more money than the average american. it's a local legend and not in a good way. it's near a tempting parking spot and the sign warning against parking there is in chinese. it rang up $33,000 in fines in just one year. >>> that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from the "special report." we'll be right back. a . >>> headlines from ferguson, missouri. national guard troops are going home. but the controversial county prosecutor insists h
. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: the governor of missouri ordered the national guard today to begin withdrawing from the st. louis suburb of ferguson. they were deployed monday, amid the unrest over the police shooting of michael brown. meanwhile, u.s. attorney general eric holder urged americans everywhere to address tensions between minorities and police. he spoke a day after visiting ferguson to talk with local residents and investigators. >> the national outcry we have seen speaks to a sense of mistrust and mutual suspicion that can take hold in the relationship between law enforcement and certain communities. i wanted the people of ferguson to know that i personally understood that mistrust. i wanted them to know that while so much else may be uncertain, this attorney general and the department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> woodruff: the streets of ferguson were relatively calm overnight in a further sign that tensions are easing some. small crowds demonstrated peacefully and only six people were arrested. police als
to be calming down in ferguson today. missouri governor jay nixon today ordered the state national guard to withdraw from the city. that after what captain ron johnson called a very good night in ferguson. but passions are still running high over whether the investigation into the michael brown shooting will be fair. right now, it's up to st. louis county prosecuting attorney bob mcculloch to bring charges against darren wilson, the officer that killed mr. michael brown. grand jury is hearing evidence, but many in the community are not confident in this prosecutor. today, state senator jamil jamiljamila jamila nasheed delivered a petition for the prosecutor to recuse himself. >> i am here today to deliver 70,000 signatures. [ applause ] those signatures basically are coming from everywhere throughout this country. worldwide. people have made a statement. >> but when she went to deliver those petitions to the office, something unbelievable happened. >> we want to take them to the office subpoena. >> i -- i know. >> we have a few people here. >> i know. >> this is a public entity. this is
, missouri, where the national guard is packing up and heading out tonight. the governor just ordered them to withdraw after mostly peaceful night overnight. meanwhile a grand jury is hearing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. tonight the st. louis county prosecutor says he won't remove himself from the case amid calls from protesters for his ouster. leanne gregg has the latest. >> reporter: signs of de-escalation in ferguson, missouri. calm demonstrations overnight, only a few arrests compared with dozens earlier. the missouri governor today said it is safe to withdraw the national guard sent in monday to protect the law enforcement command center. that after demonstrations in the past two weeks often turn violent can gun fire, tear gas, fear and chaos. >> i hope the calm we witnessed last night can be enduring. >> reporter: protesters demanding to be heard. >> citizens of missouri are outraged at what has taken place. >> reporter: a citizens coalition wants charges to be filed against the officer who killed michael brown. they want retrofitting them. among recipients of fre
hampshire. >> and missouri's governors ordering during the national guard to pull out a ferguson after a night of relative calm. a handful of people were required in the quietest of night cents michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. for thee fundraiser officer has raised more than $130,000. another four michael brown's $115,000 inaised seven days. a lot of people talking about these funds on the wjla facebook page. we invite you to a town hall special on the issues raised by the outrage in ferguson. america reacts on our sister station news channel 8 and on tonight, a dispute between a landlord and his tenants leaves two men under arrest and four people on the run. where policeive said the landlord hired five people to force them to leave. what is the story? this all unfolded after a 72-year-old woman came running out of this home behind me and started banging on a neighbor's window screaming for help. police say this man, martin winepol, is facing charges including conspiracy to commit robbery after they say he hired someone to scared to tenants out of the ho
in 40 of the cities. protesters in ferguson missouri are demanding the arrest of darryn wilson, the man that shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown two weeks ago. and today, protesters delivered a petition calling for the removal of the prosecutor in the case. because he's got family on the police force. after eleven nights of violence, only six arrests there last night. in the mean time, cbs news new york times pole out today shows 41% of americans are satisfied with president obama's response to the violence in ferguson. 34% are dissatisfied. >>> in alexandria, african americans weren't allowed to use the public library. >> the city paid tribute to the men that put their own bodies on the line to change that. it's a little known milestone that's still relevant today. >> in missouri more than a week of protests remind us america still struggles with race and poverty. but in alexandria organizers are joyfully commemorating the 75th anniversary of the civil rights protest that helped set the tone for decades of non- violent demonstrations at lunch counters and on the streets. 9
, don't shoot, is all i got to say. >> rip mike brown as protests continue in ferguson, missouri, we go to the neighborhood were 18-year-old michael brown was shot dead by police 12 days ago. been to gaza israeli airstrikes have killed three top hamas commanders. another four palestinian children have also been killed in a separate strike. we look at the devastating impact the israeli assault has had on children. some were watching television and others were asleep. when i woke up, i was in the ambulance and then they took me to the hospital. that is what i remember. i stayed in the hospital for four days. >> at least 467 palestinian children have died in gaza since the israeli offensive began. we will speak with pernille ironside, chief of unicef's gaza field office. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. .'m amy goodman peaceful protest continued last night in ferguson, missouri over the fatal police shooting of unarmed african-american teenager michael brown. prosecutors have begun presenting evidence before a gra
of michael brown in missouri. he was not killed by a gun violent, but a police officer. sad leannetonio is one of -- antonio is one of hundreds of victims in chicago. 30 of them this month, a half dozen, 18 or younger, if this were white on black murders it would be hate crimes or attempt genocide, but these murderers are given a free pass, they became martyrs and the real victims and poverty and guns take th the blame. antonio used to stay in doors for most of the summer and listen to his favorite music his mom spoke out to the people of chicago, she says, i'm praying for the whole sea right now -- city right now, i don't want any other parent to go through this, this pain will never go away, until we are shocked and outrage and determineed to stop black on black murders. and because there are no protests, no riots no visible anguish in the air, tonight, i demand the name of the killer of antonio smith, i demand, leaders and media of america. quit making excuses. you become more of an acomp less when do you this, it was a great show. anybody have anything last word. >> you on pins and
police officer, he came from st. anne,. it was handled well by ron johnson in the missouri highway patrol. >> there has also been criticism of president obama. some comes out strongly, people may say it's because he's black. if he does not, some people say he is not living up to expectations. i do you think he has handled the situation? >> comparing his action with attorney general holder is quite different. they are quite different personalities. i think president obama is trying to be the president for all, plus his personality is such and he has not had the background of attorney general holder, who has had several stops in his younger days exactly like what happened to michael brown. >> roger goldman, thank you very much for joining us on live from paris. betweenne, a fighting separatist rebels and the government continue in the east of the country. clashes have been reported this thursday a day after they claimed they had captured much of the rebel stronghold. the city has been under siege 19 days without basic amenities like running water and electricity. a russian aid convoy is fin
will be sentenced in november. >> the national guard has been ordered out of ferguson, missouri. senior political reporter scott coleman is in the newsroom tonight with the developments. national guard pulling out of ferguson after the governor says it has affected the city, which has gotten, in the past two nights. that hardly means that tension is gone. video couldhat new upset the progress. civil disobedience is coming down the line strongly until our demands are met. >> armed not with bottles were weapons but 70,000 signatures, demonstrators demanded the prosecutor recuse himself. because of possible bias since his father, a police officer, blackvolved with a suspect. the buildingpped, shut down for security reasons. the governor has ordered the national guard to pack up and pull out of town. nudity may only fan the flames. -- new video may only famvir flames -- fan the flames. a shoplifter was armed with a knife. [gunshots] police shot and killed him. and this threat on camera from an officer. >> get back! >> he has been suspended. , meetinggeneral holder with the family, says changes coming
another loss as it continues to spend on acquisitions. protests in ferguson, missouri, there is been a new focus on whether police forces should invest in better technology that includes wearing cameras that stream directly to
developments. missouri's governor orders the national guard to start withdrawing from ferguson saying troops have successfully carried out their mission. that follows a fence menning visit by attorney general eric holder who met with brown's parents. holder today is vowing a fair and thorough federal investigation and brown's parents tell anderson cooper that holder's visit made a difference. you'll hear that just ahead. >> put your gun down. >> and a new view of a police officer caught on video pointing his weapon at at peaceful protester protesters. >> our other big story as isis steps up threats after the murder of an american. there are new concerns about possible attacks inside the united states. all of that ahead. our correspondents and guests are standing by with full coverage and we begin with cnn national correspondent jason carroll on the ground in ferguson. what are you learning, jason? >> well, brianna, you look out on the streets, you see few police, even fewer protests are. a big change from what we've seen out here the past several days. one thing that has not changed and rema
today governor jay nixon ordered the missouri national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. this comes after a second night of mostly calm protests. heavy rain and lightning had protesters taking cover for part of the night. six arrests were reported overnight and there was only one reported int dent of a bottle being thrown at police. there were some tense moments as two supporters of the police officer darren wilson marched into the crowd. according to reports, protesters gathered around them and after a water bottle was thrown, police surrounded the couple and tloef them away from the scene. as the protests dwindled, the investigation into the death of michael brown is ramping up. attorney general eric holder says the justice department will keep their focus on ferguson and law enforcement tactics even after the media moves on. >> my commitment to them is long after this tragic story no longer receives this level of attention, the justice department will continue to stand with ferguson. we will continue the conversation, this incident has sparked about the need for trust
on the situation there. >> reporter: signs of deescalation in ferguson, missouri, calm demonstration overnight, only a few arrests compared dozens earlier. the missouri governor today said it's safe to withdraw the national guard, sent in monday to protect the law enforcement command center, that after demonstration the past two weeks on the turned violent with gunfire, tear gas, fear and chaos. >> i hope the relative calm that we witnessed overnight last night can be enduring. >> reporter: now, moving away from violence but protesters still demanding to be heard. >> citizens of missouri are outraged at what has taken place. >> reporter: a citizens coalition wants charges to be filed against the officer who killed michael brown. they also want prosecutor robert mccullough to step aside and launched a petition drive. >> the people, they don't believe that he would do the right thing. they don't have the confidence that's needed. that's why we have 70,000 signatures that we will be deliver attorney general him today. >> reporter: they say he can't be fair because of his family ties law enforceme
with parrish. >>> national guard troops will soon begin withdrawing from ferguson, missouri, that order came from the state's governor today. there was relative calm there, no fires and no shootings, just six arrests. there are 163 arrests there since police fatally shot michael brown on august 9th, eric holder met with the residents of ferguson yesterday. >> wanted the people of ferguson know that i personally understand the mistrust and i wanted them to know that while so much else is nc, this attorney general and this department of justice stand with the people of ferguson. >> a grand jury began determining evidence to determine if the man that shot brown will face charges for the incident. >>> now a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. lets go to matt pellman, and checkup on things tonight. we'll gear up for the birds game and we are not flying on the way fro tviet extrhe northboundnotoo barosspoint bril ilaaty, because thrket fran s game.n e many the bdrk ss trah limerick at 422. and a plethoraems in ne a crasd there is much more to come tonight on "action news" at
. >> new controversy in ferguson missouri a police officer is caught on video threatening to kill protesters. we want to warn you some of the language is pretty rough. >> video shows st. louis lieutenant ray labors pointing semi-automatic assignment rival at some members of the media and peaceful protesters. it happened just before midnig midnight. the town has seen nightly violent protests in the fake of the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. police say labors has been suspended indefinitely. >> meantime missouri governor orders the national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. the guard got there on monday to try and gain control of violent protests. police say protests last night were relatively calm. yesterday a grand jury began looking at evidence to determine whether the officer who shot 18 year old michael brown darrin wilson should be charged. >> closer to home atlantic city police officers have started wearing body cameras. about five officers at a time will be equipped with a devices which record video and audio after an officer activates it. the vide
killing of 18-year-old michael brown earlier this month in ferguson missouri. wusa 9 has a crew monitoring the events at the white house to bring you live reports at 7:00 and 11:00. marley hall is live from missouri calling for protesters in the case to step aside. >> you don't stop a person from going into a building. >> these protesters met resistance as they tried to deliver petitions calling for the removal of bob mcula from the michael brown case. after the brief confrontation, organizers were allowed to deliver the documents which they say contained 70,000 signatures. >> we know not going to step aside. to do so is to say that he's biased and that he can not be fair and impartial. and he's not going to say that. but we will. >> reporter: critics say they have no confidence in mcula who has family members on the police force. >> he has a history of showing bias. and we don't think that this case is going to get a fair trial. >> reporter: in a statement, mcula reiterated that he has no intention of walking away from his responsibilitie
have a developing story in missouri tonight. the st. louis county prosecutor says he has no intentions of removing himself from the michael brown case. he is calling on the governor to decide whether he should step aside. >> some question the prosecutor's ability to be unbiassed because of family connections in the police department. a grand jury is in the second day of listening to evidence in the case and the hearing could go on for weeks. >>> the national guard starting to pack up and leave ferguson after a fairly peaceful night. only six people were arrested last night compared to 47 arrests the night before. nbc's craig melvin has the latest on the mood in ferguson today. >> reporter: good day to you guys from ferguson. i can tell you this has been a very, very different day. we have only seen maybe 15 or 20 protesters out throughout the course of the afternoon. as you know last night just six arrested compared to 47 arrests on monday. we get the sense on the ground that the tide may be about to turn here. law enforcement officials have told me that they feel good about where they
of ferguson, missouri and says his sales have doubled. >> a lot of people want to have the firearm to defend themselves , who have never really thought about it before, it might have been on the back burner where they thought, it might be nice to have a gun. well, now that everything is happening in their backyard, they are saying, it is time to defend ourselves because it is getting too close to home. >> one of his customers is jim smith. >> i am lacking a mind as far as my neighbors can go. i am a slow steady. i am caught up with him now and my neighborhood is good to go. >> he is expecting the violence in ferguson to continue. stephen king used to work as a police officer. he remembers a more peaceful time. >> when i worked in that area, the windows were not boarded up. when you drive through there and you see that, it really touches your heart. >> this is the spot just a few kilometers away. family and friends were trying to come to terms with their loss. many of them are worried by the increase in gun sales. >> i believe that the purchase of a handgun shows us that how much we are diver
been released and pose no risk to public health. and in ferguson missouri it's been another four hours with no fires no shootings and no tier gas. federal leaders are increasingly confident the calm will continue, we will explain why. the pentagon says summit aircraft conducted six air strikes to help iraqi and kurdish forces in the north. and forces are trying to bolster their control of the dam, the largest in the country, u.s. and iraqi can officials have long fears that if rebel forces plow up the dam, the results floodwaters would kill hundreds of thousands of people in cities including baghdad. earlier this week, when islamic state must be lished a video of beheadingly. beheading today we learns that foley's captors offered to release him in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in ransome. following all the development oz they have story from washington, there was news, today, about the ransome news about an effort to rescue folly, tell us about it. >> welshes david, let's bring you the latest information, and take you across the river to the pentagon, with the secretary
of ferguson, missouri, where we are right now but with tensions still high here, is that too soon? plus, he's the congressman who represents this district that i'm standing in. he says he has no faith in the ferguson police department to lead the investigation into michael brown's killing. what does this congressman want to see done? i will ask him coming up next. , and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to r.a. symptoms. humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. [ male announcer ] humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reaction
also talked about his visit yesterday to ferguson, missouri. >> thank you all for being here. i'm joined by tony west, united states attorney for new jersey and the attorney for the eastern district of new york, loretta lynch, attorney for the western district of north airline and and tompkins, acting state's attorney for the central district of california. the tuckey attorney general, jeff conway and the maryland attorney general, the acting inspector general for the federal housing finance agency, michael stevens. and the associate regional director from the item states securities and exchange commission. we are here today to announce a historic step forward in our ongoing effort to protect the american people from financial fraud and hold accountable those whose actions threaten the integrity of our financial markets and undermine the stability of our economy. the department of justice has reached an agreement with bank of america totaling over 16.6 billion dollars in penalties and consumer relief will stop this constitutes the largest civil settlement with a single entity in
his visit to missouri, the attorney general talked about his own run-ins with police officers that left him angry and humiliated, in his words. he also told community leaders he understands the mistrust of the police. does that sound totally unbiased? to fox news contributor, ted williams on the ground in ferguson for "on the record." ted, make that judgment, is the attorney general totally unbiased? >> reporter: well, i don't know if you can say the attorney general is totally unbiased, stewart, but i can tell you that i've been out here among the community and i talked to both law enforcement and i talked to citizens, some citizens are very happy to see the attorney general here and there are law enforcement officers unhappy to see and hear. you have to think about this, stewt, just think about it. you're a young police officer. you wake up and go to work, you are involved in a shooting, and at the end of the day you have the president of the united states talking about the incident and you have the attorney general in your community. that is not a good feeling inside, espec
today. >>> now to the unrest in ferguson, missouri. "time" magazine today revealed this week's cover, the headline reading the tragedy in ferguson, the picture she is young man kneeling amount ground with his hands over his head. >>> another night of protests in ferguson last night, but far fewer arrest. this as a grand jury begins hearing evidence in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. >> we demand that darren wilson, the officer involved in the shooting death of michael brown, be immediately fired from the ferguson police department instead of remaining on paid leave. >> also today, demands from protestors in clayton, missouri, hundreds of people gathered there, calling for officer dar.wilson to be fired, charged and prosecutered. the group also wants st. louis's prosecuting attorney off the case them also called for the federal government to investigate the policies and practices of police throughout that state. >>> authorities in ferguson say last night's crowds of protesters were much smaller than they have been since michael brown was killed. police say there were
and why the missouri national guard is getting out of ferguson tonight. leanne gregg is live on the ground for us. if you want to help local students start out call 202-885-4949. pick up the phone to donate to >>> tracking that severe thunderstorm in portions of loudoun county. severe thunderstorm warning for louden and fairfax county until 5:00. here is the airport. that storm is going to be stopping airport traffic. you can see where this is. see the circle right there? that is the radar. the radar that is right now over the radar at the national weather service headquarters. and this storm making its way right across hernden and ruston. more rain over bethesda and over towards the college park region. parts of northwest d.c. seeing the rain. the heaviest storm making its way to the south and east. so if you are out there along, say, 28 or the dulles toll road get ready for this storm. a lot of lightning and very heavy rain associated with this. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:00. i will keep you updated here in the storm center. >>> we are tracking new developments in the
baldwin. the national guard has been ordered out of ferguson, missouri. it seems cooler heads are prevailing in the city that has really become this flash point of protests, that clashes with police. overnight, though, i can tell you those protests were mostly peaceful. arrests, just six. that is minimal compared with the dozens arrested over previous nights. one of the them charged with restoring calm is highway patrol captain ron johnson. cnn's don lemon rode along with him, saw firsthand how he is interacting with the people of ferguson, missouri. >> not that many people out. it seems to be under control. what did you do right since two days ago? >> i think that first, the community did some things right. the clergy, the elders came out, and didn't allow agitators and criminals to amass themselves within the group. and they are actually pointing them out to us. they were helping us. they were moving away from them and not having the same activity. so really, the community did it. >> i'll be like young man, come here, let me talk to you for a second. i might stop and listen
after seeing the unrest in ferguson, missouri, we heard those words from him. should the nation's top cop be getting personal while the investigation is essentially just beginning? >>> and an american doctor who survived the highly deadly ebola virus for the very first time speaking publicly about the ordeal. >> as a medical missionary, i never imagined myself in this position. >> ahead, dr. kent brantly's emotional that. i'm harris faulkner in today for shepard smith and from the fox news deck american journalist james foley, murdered at the hands of islamic terrorists. they cut off his head. then put it on youtube for all the world to see. and now attorney general eric holder has revealed the justice department is launching a criminal investigation and we are expecting to hear soon from chuck hagel and the chairman of the joint staff. and one of the questions i would wonder they will touch on is the criticism at the attempt at one point to try to free foley. we are learning more about that. the attempt to try to bring him home. an intelligent source says investigators are analyzing
of force. in ferguson, missouri after days of sometimes violent protests, it was a night of relative calm wednesday. police say they arrested 6 people, down from 47 the night before. nearly everyone who marched to protest the shooting death of michael brown did so peacefully. but tonight could be a much different scene. protestors are planning "a day of rage" this evening with demonstrations outside the white house and in at least 40 other cities. cbs reporter susan mcginnis is in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: protestors plan to demonstrate again today at the st. louis county prosecutor's office where they are delivering a petition to have prosecutor robert mccullough removed from the michael brown case. they say 70,000 people from missouri and across the country signed what they call a no- confidence vote in mccullough who has family ties to the police force and whose policeman father was killed by a black male suspect. he said it made him an advocate for victims of violence. while cooler heads may prevail on the streets of ferguson there are still calls for justice and demands
, missouri but things calmed down significantly. it comings more than a week of protesters upset about the shooting of the unarmed teenager. tens of thousands of signatures on a petition. they are calling for the prosecutor to step down. the governor called for the national guard troops to begin withdrawing from the st. louis suburbs. >>> a pro test stayed peaceful. yesterday's demonstration involved about two people including the mother of oscar grant who was the mother killed by a bart police officer in 2009. the rally started in four different locations in oakland. demonstrators marched towards police headquarters but were stopped short of line of a officers. >> we are praying for them. we are encouraging them to fight until the end even though you go into the justice system. >> overall police made no arrests for issued any citations and there were no disturbances overnight. a pro test called national day of rage is schedule for this afternoon in oakland and san francisco. >>> an american doctor who contracted ebola expressed his gratitude as he left an atlanta hospital today. we ha
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